Revolutionising The Self-Tanning World with Luna Bronze

Introducing Luna Bronze, a beautiful gradual self-tanning solution that transitions any tone skin to an illuminated natural bronze that is oh so desirable! But what’s ever better about this tan are the two ladies behind the remarkable brand.
By Lisa Skeggs

Missing your Summer bronze this Winter? With Spring now less then 30 days away it’s time to think about getting those legs back into the world. *Deep breath* before you panic, there is a simple solution to getting back your glow!

Introducing Luna Bronze, a beautiful gradual self-tanning solution that transitions any tone skin to an illuminated natural bronze that is oh so desirable! But what’s ever better about this tan are the two ladies behind the remarkable brand.

Maddy & Rhiannon are the co-founders of this humble Aussie brand, Luna Bronze. With a solid 17 years of friendship these girls grew up together but despite life taking them to two different states, they have a thriving business to share in. When they aren’t chatting daily they are jet setting to one another to share the energy and excitement for Luna Bronze.

But it is not just anyone that can turn a friendship into a business partnership. I had the pleasure of interviewing the girls to find out their story and why they decided to go into business.

Two years ago, Maddy had a Basal Cell Carcinoma removed from her face which kicked off research into sunless tanning options “…and found that we were constantly disappointed with the results. We didn’t like the orange colour they produced and our partners hated the smell!” says Maddy. I think we all know that dreaded tan smell!

“We wanted a tanning product that used as many natural and organic ingredients as possible, achieved a natural colour and didn’t smell awful. I’m also very fussy when it comes to design and packaging. I can’t stand having ugly products on display in my bathroom and  all of the tanning products I had accumulated were all brightly coloured, loud and just clashed with everything on my shelves so they were always hidden away out of sight.”

Finding their niche in the self-tanning market, they both decided to create a product that addressed every self-tanner’s concerns. But was it all that easy to start up a brand and go into production?

“After a few knock backs and rejections we found a wonderful manufacturer who took us on and we haven’t looked back since!

When it comes to product development we listen to our customers. They, like us, are searching for a self-tan brand that they can trust.” Says Rhiannon. “We constantly get asked about new products and if we can manufacture a certain product so knowing that they love our brand and tanning range as much as we do inspires us to keep pushing the boundaries and experimenting with new fragrances, colour tones, application techniques etc.”

But if you think it’s all pretty tanning days in Luna Bronze HQ, like anybody they have their good days and bad days. But what makes the difference is their attitude towards every kind of day that is thrown their way. “It is the good days that keep us motivated and the bad days that help us learn and grow. We thrive on the challenges that we are faced with and also the benchmarks we have set ourselves to be constantly revolutionising the self-tanning world and build our brand.”

If you’re reading this article while sitting in an uninspiring office by the copying machine, both Maddy & Rhiannon balanced corporate jobs in Accounting and Administration before launching themselves into Luna Bronze. With the skills and knowledge they’ve accumulated over the years in the office, they have now applied to their own business.

“We have surprised ourselves along the way and both discovered skills that we didn’t know we had. Maddy has a killer eye for design and detail. Maddy will send me design concepts and I will often think to myself ‘how did you do accounting for all these years..?!’ Her ideas constantly blow me away.”

There is still something so satisfying when you get your hands on a 100% Aussie owned product and with Luna Bronze being manufactured right here in Australia, it is no exception!

To remind us even more of the riches Australia has to offer us, Luna Bronze have incorporated organic hydrating oils to sooth the skin, such as coconut, jojoba and rosehip, along with aloe vera so it doesn’t dry out your skin. But what really separates this product from the rest is the refreshing scent.

“…The fragrance was key, and we worked to create a natural essential oil fragrance of Orange Blossom, Lemon Myrtle & Mandarin. Everyone who smells Luna Bronze loves the fragrance and it just goes to show that you don’t need to use synthetics to achieve a vibrant scent.”

If Luna Bronze sounds all too familiar, then perhaps you saw them at MBFWA 16 where they debuted their gorgeous self-tanning product. Palm Swimwear teamed with Luna Bronze for their show. “…It was amazing! We were so thrilled Palm Swimwear asked us to be a part of such an awesome event, especially considering we were only 6 months old at that stage.  It was fabulous exposure for Luna Bronze being up on the screens and in the VIP guest bags. We learnt so much, met some extraordinary people and had some fun too.”

With a busy schedule at hand, both have said goodbye to weekends and their social life to put their heart and soul into Luna Bronze. This has certainly started to pay off and Luna Bronze are currently working on new products to launch to the market over the next 6-12months. I know i’ll be placing the first order on!

Keep an eye out for these sleek designer tanning solutions to top up your tan all year round!

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